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We defy anyone, of any musical genre bias, to watch lead vocalist Florence Pardoe channelling Etta James and not come away gobsmacked that they’ve not come across this band before. If you love and appreciate live music, regardless of your preferred genre, Florence & The Bare Souls are a MUST SEE LIVE part of the Bristol music scene.

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There is something undeniably of the here-and-now about this particular brand of nostalgic modernity, sort of like if Etta James had returned to us with the likes of The Black Keys as her backing band. Imagine that! Well, now you don't have to.

Dancing About Architecture


Florence & The Bare Souls are a sonic blend that defies categorization. This seven piece Bristol-based outfit draw inspiration from soul legends and rock titans from the 70s to today, and infuse their music with raw, emotive energy.


Florence's powerhouse vocals soar above gritty guitar riffs, soulful horn lines and solid rhythms, creating a mesmerising fusion that bridges generations.


The band was born in Bristol, where Florence collected a group of extremely talented local musicians to help bring her songs to life. The city, known for its diverse musical landscape, played a crucial role in shaping the band's eclectic sound. It's rich musical heritage and the bands diverse backgrounds seeped into Florence & The Bare Souls' DNA, further enriching their sonic palette.


Known for their electrifying live performances, front woman Florence commands the stage with an irresistible charisma. Their shows are a testament to their dedication to the craft and their desire to connect with their audience on a profound level, from playing across the South West, to festivals such as Boomtown, Wilderness and Nozstock, and even playing a run of shows in Bahrain!


As Florence & The Bare Souls continue to evolve and grow, fans can look forward to an exciting year ahead. The band has been hard at work in the studio, crafting a series of new singles that promise to be their best work yet. These forthcoming releases will showcase the band's evolving sound, embodying their musical evolution while staying true to their fusion of modern rock, soul, and vintage blues-rock influences.


Florence & The Bare Souls continue to be a rising star in the Bristol music scene and beyond. Keep an ear to the ground; their music is an experience you won't want to miss.


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